A bit about Andrea...

Andrea is passionate about helping people live their best life and sharing with others how yoga has transformed her life.  It empowers her to keep doing the things that she loves to do while managing orthopedic issues and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  She loves to be outdoors: hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and snow-shoeing. Practicing yoga is what allows her to continue doing those things.

Andrea has had chronic knee pain since she was 16, and multiple orthopedic surgeries on feet, knees, and shoulders. She also has a lumbar spine defect that will eventually require a low back surgical fusion.  She manages her chronic back pain with daily yoga.  There are some yoga poses that her knees, shoulders, and low back don't like to do -- AND THAT'S OK -- yoga has taught her how to safely move, stretch, and strengthen her body without compromising joints.​  She uses these concepts in her classes to make yoga accessible for everyone.

Yoga training and experience:

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